The Register Budgets and Sentiments Q2 23

A post pandemic economic surge had given way to soaring inflation, energy prices, and rising interest rates, all contributing to a cost-of-living crisis. The war in Ukraine was exacerbating all these factors and contributing to a massive rise in state-sponsored cyberattacks.

Six months on, some of these pressures have eased, at least slightly. The International Monetary Fund expects inflation to begin to fall, likely leading to an easing of interest rates. However, the road to recovery is “rocky”, and the IMF still expects a slowdown in worldwide economic growth this year. Individual economies might not technically fall into recession – but it certainly might feel that way.

So how does this affect IT spending plans? We spoke to almost 3,000 IT decision makers from a range of geographies, company sizes, and industries, to see just how things feel at the sharp end of tech procurement.


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