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The Register, flagship property of Situation Publishing, is pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated Public Sector division.


With over 40 million readers globally, The Register delivers the world’s largest audience of IT decision-makers with actionable news, analysis, and in-depth insight into how to scale technology-driven organizations. This includes a wealth of readers in the government sector, who are eager to understand best practices and solutions.


With a large internal database of federal and state/local IT decision-makers, The Register presents government-focused marketers with an ability to create campaigns with unparalleled levels of precision.


“We have extensive reach to those working in the public sector and our world renowned audience gives brands a unique opportunity to develop credible consideration,” says Situation Publishing CEO, Philip Mitchell. “We have first-party data that allows us to craft solutions that reach this segment that until now, were simply not possible.”


The new Public Sector division will offer IT vendors a full suite of marketing options. These include demand generation, custom content, webcasts and display advertising. These programs are powered by reader insight garnered from firmographic data, email interactions, content downloads, topic interest, installed base, active projects and on-site behavior.


Being able to target across a wide swath of the government-focused IT market will bring solutions directly into the hands of technologists across the spectrum, from those focused on security, applications and software, networks, analytics, and systems both on-prem and in the cloud.


Readers in these and other IT areas come to The Register regularly to see what is on the horizon. With precision targeting, the team can make sure these tech specialists meet their product matches.


From global targeting of specific niches to hyper-local government-focused IT areas, the new division is primed for engagement. To find out more please contacts us:


About Situation Publishing

Situation Publishing is a leading global force in B2B technology publishing with offices in San Francisco, Boston, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong and London. Situation Publishing operates a growing portfolio of titles and events, including The Register, DevClass, Next Platform, and Blocks & Files, which serve the global enterprise technology community. Situation Publishing works with the world’s leading technology businesses to shape and deliver against their marketing objectives. Our services span account-based marketing, go to market content solutions, demand generation, data driven display advertising and live events.