Serverless Computing

Serverless is suddenly everywhere – every major cloud provider offers their own platform, and there are new services popping up daily.

Minds Mastering Machines [M³]

Minds Mastering Machine, otherwise known as M Cubed, is about getting down to the nitty-gritty to learn how businesses can benefit from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, to get on the path to a more intelligent future.

The Lectures

The summer and winter lecture series bring together experts in science, technology and deep thought to talk about the big ideas shaping technology. The lectures makes these ideas accessible and entertaining for intellectually curious readers of The Register.

Continuous Lifecycle London

Continuous Delivery and DevOps is starting to make the IT world go round, while containerisation techniques and tools are becoming the norm, proving that this has moved way beyond tinkering. Real world experts come together and share their practical experience and take about the concepts, processes and tools that are essential to Continuous Delivery.