Biting the hand that feeds IT

The Register

Starting out in London in 1994 as an occasional email newsletter, The Register began publishing online in 1998.

It has built an unrivalled reputation for its definitive reporting on the global tech market, mixing humour with original reportage and regularly breaking exclusives.

More than 9 million doers and decision-makers in the technology industry turn to The Register for their daily dose of technology news.


•  Reporting technology news since 1994

•  Millions of readers – globally

•  Deliver projects that move the needle

•  Innovation solutions from our experts

Where technology buyers get their daily news

Exceptional journalism, a two-way relationship with readers

The Register has a staff of 30 reporters working around the world delivering outstanding quality journalism. From its offices in Sydney, London and San Francisco it has its finger on the pulse of global technology news; breaking stories and reporting on the latest developments and trends.

Nobody does technology quite like The Register and, as a result, nobody has the relationship that The Register has with its readership. In its writing, it sees technology through the same lens as its readers and has intelligent two-way conversations about topics crucial to its readers’ professional life.

Those readers contribute over 100,000 comments every month. They are influential, the doers and decision makers of technology. They influence others on a one-to-many basis.

Readers of The Register control and spend IT budgets. This is why The Register plays such a pivotal role in the buying process and why we’re the preferred technology partner for major IT brands.

The Register has always put its readers first. That’s why its tag-line is “Biting the hand that feeds IT”.

Find out about the solutions The Register offers

Innovative solutions from an outstanding team

With a potential audience of 10 million technology buyers, The Register has unrivalled reach and global scale. It can offer campaigns that match budgets both large and small.

Solutions are always bespoke and our team will guide you through the options. With The Register brands can take advantage of:

  • Unmatched first party data
  • Target specific audiences
  • Obtain qualified leads
  • Unique content marketing solutions

If the aim is to reach a Europe-wide audience, with the Anseatic Alliance The Register’s English-speaking audience can be combined with European-language publications to reach 40 million buyers across Europe. Find out more here.


Reach the real readers

The Lectures

Our summer and winter lecture series bring together experts in science, technology and deep thought and make it accessible to the intellectually curious readers of The Register.

Attendees are the people wanting to understand the big ideas shaping our industry today, tomorrow and into the future. They are the people that stop a business being blindsided by new developments, who inform, influence and identify opportunities.

The format is a ticketed event held in the evening, with drinks beforehand and an opportunity to socialise afterwards. It promises guests a lively evening of debate and networking.

Find out more here.


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