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The Next Platform

The Next Platform offers comprehensive coverage of high-performance computing at large enterprises, supercomputing centres, hyperscale data centres, and public clouds.

It steps behind the headlines to deliver depth and analysis on the issues and trends in the tech industry, informing and educating its readers on high-end and emerging technologies.


•  The Next Platform launched February 23, 2015.

•  Offers in-depth coverage of high-performance computing.

•  Covers large enterprise, supercomputing, hyperscale data centres, and public clouds.

•  Focuses on the IT challenges of companies with more than several thousand employees and in excess of $250m. 

Next generation computing

In-depth journalism that educates and engages

The Next Platform is dedicated to the very high end of the market, where the largest enterprises, government organisations, and hyperscale and cloud service providers are pushing the boundaries of performance and scale. They are out there on the cutting edge, taking the most risks. The technologies they are developing are interrelated, and having a profound effect on our lives.

The Next Platform steps behind the headlines and provides analysis to help readers understand what technologies are used to solve particular problems, how they are integrated with other systems and applications, why organisations choose particular technologies to solve their problems.

This in-depth analysis results in an average dwell time of more than twice the industry average. Put simply, readers of The Next Platform spend more time on the site reading articles than on any of its peers’ news sites.

By association, the advertisers on The Next Platform are the leaders in their field, selling cutting-edge technology to the largest enterprise and most promising startups.

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Reach high-end technology buyers

The editors and contributors to The Next Platform are leaders in their field. By associating with the publication, brands can reach the brightest and best in High Performance Computing. These buyers are not just working in technology; they are leading the technology revolution.

The Next Platform offers solutions for all budgets, from display and lead generation through to campaigns and microsites.

Solutions are always bespoke and our team will guide you through the options. With The Next Platform brands can take advantage of:

  • Unmatched first party data.
  • Target specific audiences.
  • Obtain qualified leads.
  • Unique content marketing solutions.

To reach a wider audience, campaigns can be integrated with other brands such as The Register, the Anseatic Alliance or event sponsorship.

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