Serverless Computing

Serverless is suddenly everywhere


Serverless Computing London will help architects, developers and CIOs like you decide on the best path to a more efficient, scalable and secure computing future. We will bring together a line-up of speakers who can take you beyond the hype about serverless computing, laying out the fundamental approaches, and showing you how to use the latest tools, frameworks and platforms to get your applications, team, and broader organisation, up and running, server-free.

Taking you beyond the big ideas and grand visions, and show you how you can apply the latest tools and approaches to real world problems

Serverless is suddenly everywhere – every major cloud provider offers their own platform, and there are new services popping up daily. While the promise of the technology and the evolving patterns of architecture can seem enticing, but the new concepts are still challenging those involved in building the software.

The prospect of not relying on your own servers, not even a dedicated cloud platform, sounds compelling. Nevertheless, serverless architecture raises a set of new questions: How secure are my serverless applications? How scaleable are they? Do I need to set up containers? How can I test my software? Which platform do I use and how do I avoid vendor lock-in?

Serverless Computing London will answer those questions by focusing on the potential of serverless architecture for developers, system architects, administrators, CIOs and project owners and the practicalities of implementing them in organisations. The conference will address the concepts, processes and tools essential to serverless architecture, cloud computing, and distributed systems. It will put industry experts centre stage to share their practical experience with you, and answer your challenging questions.

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