Next platform, GPU powered AI

While it’s easy to produce ever more data, making sense of it so that we can derive value and help our colleagues or customers is far trickier. The modern tools we rely on to analyze data and deliver insights are complex to implement. They are also expensive – as is the expertise to deploy them and put them to work.


And where does this new technology fit in with the legacy systems that sit at the heart of some of the oldest – and arguably, most data rich – organizations? Are mainframes and Unix systems a millstone around the neck of larger organizations, preventing them from adopting new technologies and pursuing innovation? Or with their years and decades of accumulated data are they potentially a goldmine of insight?


We asked over a thousand organizations worldwide, across a range of industries, about the makeup of their legacy systems and how they managed their data and applications. The results highlight the extent to which many organizations continue to rely on traditional systems, whilst simultaneously adopting open source, and using cutting edge technology to gain insights and create value


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