Management Team

Phil Mitchell

Managing Director

Phil joined in 2004 after a stint as a journalist and an analyst. If Phil had an office, he’d put Global Digital Director on the door but the open plan layout put paid to that idea. He delivers projects from idea to delivery. He cracks his virtual whip over the whole team from tech to design through to editorial. He also organises the events from an operational point of view.

Chris Williams

Chris Williams


Chris is The Register’s Editor-In-Chief, reporting on the semiconductor industry as well as managing our growing team in San Francisco. He has more than 15 years of experience in online and print media, having worked as a newspaper reporter and senior production journalist prior to joining Situation Publishing in 2011. He has a master’s degree in electronic engineering and has developed software both professionally and for fun in his spare time.


Paul Kunert

UK Editor

UK Editor at The Register. An expert in his field with an extensive network of sources and tenacity when he gets the whiff of a story.

Matt Proud

Operations Manager

Matt joined Situation Publishing way back in 2004, after a few years as a Web Developer. He has a degree in Computer Science, though his main focus these days is to ‘get stuff done’ on the Operational side of the business. He oversees, as well as get his hands dirty on, commercial fulfilment, processes, platforms, the websites themselves, and a host of other random stuff that comes his way. He likes to think he’s still quite Techie, but has never managed to get the printer to work.