Linus Birtles Being Interviewed On BBC Business Live Inside Track

Linus Birtles Interviewed on BBC Business Live’s “Inside Track”

Linus Birtles, MD of Situation Publishing appeared on BBC Business Live’s “Inside Track” to explain how he came from being a fishmonger in Liverpool to MD of a global publishing company and how  The Register, Situation Publishing’s flagship publication, has remained so competitive despite the rapid changes to the publishing industry.

 As an ever-growing proportion of the population turn away from traditional print journalism to seek their news online, advertisers have been forced to re-evaluate where they are allocating their ad spend. This in turn has forced publishers to re-assess their proposition and transition to a digital format to chase vital advertising money.

According to the BBC, Google and Facebook are estimated to account for 99% of ad spend in the US, leaving the majority of online publishers hard-pressed to secure advertising. As such, BBC Business Live’s “Inside Track”, the daily BBC World News business segment that invites global business leaders to discuss the biggest issues facing their industries today, turned to fish-monger turned publishing guru and MD of Situation Publishing Linus Birtles to explain how they were handling these rapid changes to the publishing industry.

Linus’s answer came in two parts. Firstly, The Register has always had a level of digital maturity that gives it an advantage over its competition. “In the UK, we were the first pure-play digital product’ Linus explained. While ‘The mainstream publishers have suffered from this transition from paper to digital’, The Register’s longstanding expertise in the sector has put it at a natural advantage.

Regarding competing for ad spend, Linus emphasised that ‘content is king. If you have good journalists, you get good content. If you have good content, you build a readership and they stay with you’.

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