Situation Publishing started in London over 20 years ago when The Register was born. It was created by three journalists who were fed-up of reporting with one hand tied behind their backs by commercial forces. Inspired, in part, by the Situationists, we threw the rulebook away and launched Situation Publishing as a vehicle to report real news and insights for the technology market.

Formed on the cusp of the internet era in the mid-nineties, we began life in a very different format. The Register was first an occasional newsletter and then a news feed, sold to customers to keep their websites fresh and engaging (can we name your first customer?). We soon realised this format had a short shelf-life, so we moved our commercial model to a news site with advertising. At first, advertisers were hesitant, but we stayed true to our readers. Being relevant to readers means we have built a loyal and engaged audience; an audience advertisers typically find hard to reach. Brands need to get in front of the doers and decision-makers of IT and our commitment to our readers and staying true to ourselves, has created strong commercial success without compromise. 

Situation Publishing focused initially on the UK tech market, but our combination of being web-based and written in the English language meant that we quickly gained a global audience. We now have offices across the globe, reporting from London to Sydney, to Spain, to San Francisco and New York.