IT Departments need help with their Data Storage

The majority of IT Departments, 61.2 per cent, said they were not using data management software. This might be all the more surprising given the wide range of storage types IT Departments are using.


It’s clear that SSDs have pretty much won the battle to become the default storage medium, with three quarters of respondents reporting using the technology. Fast disks – i.e. traditional hard disks spinning at 7200rpm or more – were used by 43.1 per cent of respondents.


What else did we learn?

  • 63 per cent of respondents said they make an effort to delete data – and 60 per cent do it manually!
  • Only 36.9 per cent are moving data between and on prem and cloud environments
  • Data Lakes are favoured by only 30 per cent of IT Departments globally

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