A DevOps Presentation from Continuous Lifecycle London 2017

That’s a wrap on day two of Continuous Lifecycle London – now onto the workshops!


It’s unlikely we’d say anything else, but the second day of Continuous Lifecycle London was another considerable success! Our delegates arrived this morning eager to learn more about DevOps with another fantastic speaker line-up ahead of them.

Our day opened with Jen Krieger’s keynote “A Culture of Openness”. Jen did an excellent job of outlining, through her combination of personal experience and cat memes, what differentiates a successful DevOps programme from an unmitigated disaster.

The talks on day two generally had a more technical focus but, like Jen, the speakers never shied away from using their own failed projects as learning tools. After all, as we heard, over two-thirds of software projects in the real-world are doomed to failure.

Many delegates arrived with specific problems, so practical demos and real-life use-cases carried the day. Giulio Vian, for example, demonstrated how to build a micro application and the environments required to develop, deploy and run it live on stage, while James Heggs went ‘From zero to continuous improvement’ in a 40-minute slot. Melanie Patrick taught us what to do if we commit and push our password while using Git…

The close of today marks the end of the talks at Continuous Lifecycle London 2017. As always, the feeling is bittersweet. The past two days have been a huge success, with all of our speakers bringing some fantastic content to the table. Our delegates were engaged and to top it all off we’ve received some first-rate feedback.

That said, the conference continues tomorrow with a suite of hands-on workshops taught by DevOps’s best and brightest. Bring on day three!