Continuous Lifecycle: Early bird tickets and sponsorship packages available

There are less than two weeks left to buy early bird tickets for Continuous Lifecycle London and sponsorship packages are still available.

The two day conference programme features almost 40 speakers, spanning users, consultants, thought leaders and vendors, all of whom have been chosen for their ability to not just talk about, but show what they are doing to improve software development and delivery in real world organisations.

Keynotes include Continuous Delivery pioneer Dave Farley, and Jen Krieger, who is leading a company-wide shift to DevOps at Red Hat, where she is chief agile architect.

They will each kick off a day of conference sessions spanning lessons in how to succeed in DevOps drawn from real work in the field, as well as focused sessions on container technologies, ChatOps, databases, continuous delivery and more. As always, we’ll be striving to take attendees beyond the hype, and show them the tools and methodologies real world organisations are not just talking about, but putting to work in organisations like Paddy Power Betfair, The Guardian, and Trivago.

On the third day we have a selection of six workshops, covering Kubernetes and Prometheus, Continuous Delivery and Docker, DevOps and Databases, CD with Docker Swarm, and of course our session from continuous delivery originator Dave Farley. These are all day affairs, giving a guided deep dive into the topic at hand.


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