Linus Birtles Being Interviewed On BBC Business Live Inside Track

Linus Birtles Interviewed on BBC Business Live’s “Inside Track”

Linus Birtles, MD of Situation Publishing appeared on BBC Business Live’s “Inside Track” to explain how he came from being a fishmonger in Liverpool to MD of a global publishing company and how  The Register, Situation Publishing’s flagship publication, has remained so competitive despite the rapid changes to the publishing industry.  As an ever-growing proportion...
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Facebook Emojis Progressing from happy to sad

The Register’s Andrew Orlowski interviewed on BBC World News about Facebook

Andrew Orlowski, Executive Editor of The Register, appeared on BBC World News Business earlier today to share his thoughts on Facebook’s record $3.81bn quarterly profits and its new plans for video. He agreed with the sentiment that Facebook has become a veritable ‘printing press for cash’, and cautioned against underestimating Facebook’s potential to become the...
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The beginning of our story – an interview with Drew Cullen

Situation Publishing has been going for over 25 years. The beginnings of publications that pre-date the Internet going mainstream can get lost in the mist of time. We sat down with Drew Cullen, who has been with Situation Publishing since its early days, and asked him a few questions. How did Situation Publishing start? Situation...
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