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Picture of Donald Trump Speaking to Journalists and looking sad

The Register’s Home Office exclusive picked up by UK nationals

The Register journalist Kat Hall uncovered a leaked memo asking Home Office staff to refrain from tweeting about Donald Trump using their...
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The Register’s Andrew Orlowski interviewed on BBC Newsnight about the Snap IPO

Situation Publishing’s own Andrew Orlowski appears on BBC TV’s ‘Newsnight’ to give his opinion on the Snap IPO When Newsnight covered Snap’s IPO...
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Continuous Lifecycle: Early bird tickets and sponsorship packages available

There are less than two weeks left to buy early bird tickets for Continuous Lifecycle London and sponsorship packages are still available. The...
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The Register is hiring

The Register is looking for an experienced reporter to join its lively London news desk. The successful candidate will have a proven...
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The Register’s exclusive on a UK data breach makes the national headlines

Situation Publishing journalist Alexander J Martin uncovered that UK sports retailer hid the hack from its 30,000 staff since December of last...
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The Register’s exclusive about Google and the NHS makes national headlines

Situation Publishing journalist Kat Hall uncovered that Google was blocking access to the entire NHS network, mistaking the amount of traffic it received...
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Drew Cullen interviewed on Press Gazette

Drew Cullen was recently interviewed by Dominic Ponsford of the Press Gazette. The interview covered a lot of ground, including Drew’s thoughts on the effect...
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The Register Journalist interviewed on UK national TV about privacy issues 

Situation Publishing’s own Alexander Martin appears on BBC TV’s ‘The One Show’ to explain the dangers of live-feed facial recognition. NeoFace is...
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Over the course of just the last two years, the regulator has spent £10million on lawyers to fight off legal challenges against...
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